Monday, 29 March 2010

And I clutched my pearls

Serena had it licked recently with her style choices. I don't know what happened here. From what I can see this swim suit is too small, breasts are too heavy and nothing flatters. NOTHING. She has a pretty smile though (and those men are enjoying the view of her famous behind).

I see what she was trying to do. The red in the bad, bad trousers matches the bag. Nothing looks good here. Nothing. She is smiling and there is a lot to say for self confidence. 

Helena C. Nightie, underwear on display, shapeless leather jacket etc. I don't really get the bag and shoes either. A supermodel should know better.

Anti WAG and anti fashion. What? Shapeless, unflattering and weird is how Ellen Rives looks here. She would look slightly better if she undid a few buttons – but only slightly. I don't understand it, really I don't.

There is something 'dead behind the eyes' about these two. Shannon Doherty's outfit doesn't flatter. Her figure is great but the look is not. Half exercise gear and half well, I have no words for the other half. It is however all bad.. I have no words Mickey Rourke. *whispers* I am frightened.

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