Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Not looking Great..

Why must I weep? My sister said Serena Williams looks like 50 cent in drag here (OK, so I said it really, but I like her, really I do). My suggestion is to find a stylist who is not scared to tell her 'no'. And I give up on Lindsey Lohan. I just hope she has loved ones who will take her home and wash her. She looks like she needs some intervention and tough love!

Katie Perry and Rhianna
are trying to out 'edge' each other, but they end up looking edged out. Sorry, I think these outfits are too self conscious to work with me. Those little socks and stillettos do not function.

And Wags are such a classy species..*coughs* not
These women are successfull! The woman in the centre of the English football captain scandal (black and white outfit) has just walked away with a £1million child support settlement. She was with the football player for five months. Is this how we should be dressing for success????

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