Thursday, 4 March 2010

We all Have Issues..

It's her legs..
Heidi Range of the Sugar Babes.. What can I say? If your legs aren't your best feature, it's probably not the best idea to highlight them by covering up the rest of your body and wear an ultra short skirt. The boxy cut makes her look extra chunky.

I am frightened..
Really, this scares me. Courtney Love is in a dark place (that has no mirrors).

Is Lindsay Lohan is 20 years away from the above?
Lindsay Lohan. Always looks like she needs a wash and a sleep. The DIY tan looks really bad and made worse by her plastic looking clompy platform shoes.

My Dear Whitney..
She is one person on stage and another off stage. Both personas need a little help it seems.  Perhaps she might think of hiring a stylist to help her with her 'off stage' look. She's too fabulous to look like this. At least there is no fur here. She needs a friend and prayer.

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