Friday, 19 March 2010

This week's not so much..

Stick with what you are..
Princess Zara Philips looking a little ermm.. 'chav' dare I say? She's a Royal and I expected better from her. And Jessica is lost. Here she is wearing too many shades of red and a dress that does not quite flatter as it should.

Casual not so great..
We are human. Scarlett Johanson doesn't look that bad, but she can look so much better (I know, I look worse on my relaxed days I assure you!). Ms Woodall. What not to wear?

Estelle. Why much I weep? Please get a new stylist, or a stylist. These looks do nothing for her. Looking proud and happy and I guess that's also important.
And Amber Rose. This look is cheap and nasty, sorry.

I know Jennifer Elision has had a baby. Just because the bulk of her baby weight has gone, it does not mean that this look works. She can do much better. One of the Jonas Bros looking tangy..

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