Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Who wore it better?

Jennifer Hudson or Blake Lively.
I think Jenni kills it here.

Dita Von Teese or Britney Spears.
I have no words for Britney. I believe that Dolce and Gabanna wept - they WEPT.

Alicia Keys or Blake Lively.
I think I'll go with Blake on this occasion. Although both ladies look great.
AnnaLynne McCord or Britney Spears.
That is not even a question. Brit's swagger just makes everything look... well, cheap.

Lady Gagahhh or Chrisina Ricci.
No contest Christina. Yes, Marc Jacobs hung his head, sobbed and convulsed Lady Gagahhhh.

Blake Lively or Beyonce Knowles.
It's a draw on this occaison. They both kick it.

More comparisons/decisions when you click 'read more' below

Beyonce Knowles or Melody Thornton.
I'm going with Beyonce here. Both looking good though.
Carmen Electra or Keisha Cole.
I'm liking Keisha in this. She looks so classy and sexy at the same time.

Cheryl Cole or Alessandra Ambrosio.
I going with the supermodel.

Tara Palmer-Tomlinson or Cherly Cole.
I smile at the irony of an aristocrat looking cheap and the Northern working class girl made good looking waaay better. And a little advice to anyone whose chest looks, well looks like a boys: don't choose the sheer version. It's better to leave them guessing for a long as possible.

Katherine Jenkins or Amber Rose.
 I don't really think this dress is looking great on either. Katherine Jenkins marginally gets it.
Katherine Jenkins or Kim Catrall.
Kim gets it, but its not looking great on either of them. Katherine has to get a new stylist methinks.

Liz Hurley or Lil Kim.
They both look ummm *whispers* cheap in this purple satin number. My eyes are glued to that wig. I can't look away. I just can't.

Monica Cruz or Miley Cyrus.
Miley by far. Again, this dress looks great on one person and middle aged on the other.

Natalia Vodianova or Jlo.
One person looks classy and the other looks brassy. You guess.

Natalie Portman or Iman.
Both get it. I actually think it looks better on Iman's skin, but the thick tights detract here.
Pink and Shakira... the same dress at the MTV awards. They both look like great sports for posing together. On that note, I'll give it to both of them.

Paris Hilton or Rhianna.
Rhianna. She brings something to the clothes she wears.

Patsy Kensit, Eva Green or Joely Richardson.
I love McQueen and all the ladies look nice enough. Nobody is outstanding here for me.

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