Monday, 8 March 2010

Pre Oscar bad..

The Kellys
The Osborn women. This purple rinse and granny set is killing me softly. Mum, Sharon is not looking much better. Kelly Brook, this dress/shoe/hair combination is really wrong. At least all of them look happy to be at Elton John's fundraiser.

So I lied.
Katie Price back agian. One word: CHEAP. Vivica fox, horrendous synthetic phony pony, fur jacket. This is the swagger of someone who is trying to hard. In a word: MUTTON. And Joan Collins, the less I say the better!

Heidi Klum. Has she lost it? This dress looks like a New Look end Christmas sale job. And nothing seems to suit Rachel 'stylist to the stars' Zoe. Sorry, it had to be said.
No Words.


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