Monday, 8 March 2010

The Oscars - the unsure

Penelope Cruz looks beautiful but somewhat average in this dress. I expected more. I like Zoe Salanda, but I really don't like this pom-pom pinyatta detail. The top half of the dress is lovely and I even like the colour blend.

I'm a Sarah Jessica Parker fan, but I don't like the hair or the dress or the make up but in general I do really like SJP. I the dress on the red carpet worked quite well and had lovely detail at the front and the back, but all the ideas just didn't work. If I was going to the oscars, I would invest in a good manicure or not draw attention to my hands if they are not great (mine aren't). Too much bling  - yes, I know it's the Oscars!
Hung Jury
Someone please show Kristen Stewert how to stand! This girl droops and I have to imagine the dress on someone else to work out if it is a pretty dress or not.   I think I like this Hilary Swank dress. 
Dodgy Couplings
I change my mind so many times when I see Katy Perry and what is Peaches Geldof doing at the Vanity Fair party? She never looks great but this is not her best.

Keisha Whittaker looks like she needs some food and I love the McQueen dress, but Salma H looks a little like a lolipop head here.


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