Friday, 19 March 2010

Ageing Special - The fabulous

Starting with the Fabulous
Helen Mirren showing us all how to look fabulous without surgery. I salute you!!!

No words.. they speak for them(fine)selves!
Naomi.. pushing 40

Sade - 50
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Gabby Union, 37

Iman admits to surgery after a car crash. I still think she 'tunes up' (I turn a blind eye) but she looks fabulous anyway.

She actually looks better older. At 47, I think she has had work, but real quality work that hasn't distorted her. I might have believed her if she hadn't denied having her breasts enhanced. Still, I have to give it to her.

At 46, she is still beautiful. I am sorry her luck with men seems rough. However, it does not show on her face. Chin up Sandra Bullock. Chin up!

Halle Berry now and in Spike Lee's Do tha Right Thing. Her nose looks tweaked. Done very well, but I think it has been worked on. She looks fabulous for her 42 years regardless!

Two I think are natural. Helen Bonham-Carter, crazy and natural at 43. And Jen Aniston. I think she probably does every treatment going stopping short of surgery. She looks good for it at 41.

Michelle Pfifer, 51. I applaud you!

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