Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Looking great..

Brtish Actor and Screen Writer
Noel and wife Iris Clark, doing the UK proud.

Ladies Looking Great
Jada Pinkett Smith has the secret to eternal youth and fabulousness. Her skin looks edible and she suits her lovely shorts and blouse combo. Fab! Zoe Salanda hardly ever gets it wrong. These jeans make her legs look endless. I salute you ladies.

 Kelly Rowland has upped her wig game and looks devine! This lavander grey silk dress looks absolutely fragrant on her. Love it. I prefer Tyra with her natural hair, she looks younger and more natural with it, but she looks killer hot in this red dress. Loving it!

Serena looking better (not quite fab though..)
Love the shoes, but she still needs to look for new help on the style front.

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