Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Not so great - November 2010 so far

Kelly Osborne had been getting it so right recently. She has slipped. And why are so many people rocking Amy Winehouse inspired hair? Claudia Winkleman. I like the shoes and will leave there with the positive. Konnie Huq tries. Caprice has overdosed a little with the botox and is still claiming 38. For that I can't. I just can not!

The Kardashians.

Kesha. I think she does it on purpose. Really I do. I saw Jersey Shore once and couldn't make it through the whole episode. Anyway, this is one of the main characters and this is her style. I'll leave it there. Beverly Johnson was so fabulous, she seems to be fighting it. I don't know why the talented Nelly Furtado wore this. Perhaps she didn't see it in a full length mirror, but the thick tights and the sandals cut off her legs and makes her look chunkier and I can't see past that.

The cut of Kelly Brooke's dress is not good for her. It is screaming for alterations. Leanne Rimes' look is so mis matched and I think Edith Bowman's dress would have worked better with short sleeves or sleeveless. Kate Thornton's dress just seems not to work. Perhaps it is the tights?

I think Paz Vega is a beautiful woman, I am not sure if she is pregnant, either way, I am not feeling this look on her.  This is the second time I have seen this dress this month and I don't think that it looks any better on Daisy Lowe.  Lovely lady Leona Lewis' look is not lovely. I'll leave it there. I want to tell Kylie to stop trying so hard. She is still hot, but forcing the look kills it for me.

Lizzie Cundy. No words. Where would be be without Katie Price? And This is not Britney! It is Christina Aguilerra. To be fair, she has just separated from her husband and that does crazy things to a woman's sense of style.

Miley Cyrus looks like she practiced this 'side boob' pose. I am not feeling the cake tier dress.
Michelle Obama gets it so right so often, but here she has slipped. This looks like a Primark/Asda?Tesco suit. And  Cheryl Crowe is great, but this look is not. The maxi skirt has not done her any favours. At all. Rihanna is swinging on her style pendulum - not on the great section this time.

Tara Reid ?? her look is a cry for help. Illustrates how beauty is linked with health.

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