Friday, 19 November 2010

And the rest for the week...

Looking good..
Lauryn Hill has her unique sense of style that works so well. I can't wait for her new music too. Ms Halle wearing it casually or red carpet. I cannot fault either look.

I expect nothing less than perfectly cut clothes on Michael Kors. And he does not disappoint. I don't usually like Claudia Schiffer's sense of style, but I love this look. I need that cardigan in my life. Right now. Jennifer Garner looks fab in her skinny jeans and cardi. For me, being able to look fabulous in humble clothing is a true test acid test of style.  As usual, the Rosendale/Stefani duo compliment each other's hotness.

Kirstin Dust is very pale, yet she manages to wear this white gown without it wearing her. Lady in red, Kristen Davies looks fantastic from the bodice up, but I think the dress would have worked better if the skirt was either shorter or longer. I love this turquoise gown on Rose McGowan, real Hollywood glamour.

Looking Regular
I don't know if I have seen Anna Wintour in this outfit or not. It all looks the same. I would love to see her in a jumpsuit or something that reveals her shoulders or back. My fantasy is to make her over. Yes, I acknowledge that it is sad.  Julianne Moore has gone for safe after her two half of two different dresses phase. I don't understand the shoulder or neckline. Hilary Swank in too much frou frou. The ruffles on the dress and then the shoes... not her usual fab. I don't know if I like the dress that Sharon Stone is wearing, but I do think she looks very good.

Nice to see Mischa Barton in her natural state. Her skin is good and her face is pretty. Ms Kylie in the new Ugg clogs. I have to say I do not love them, but I hated Uggs until I put my foot inside them and suddenly everything made sense. I like this look on Kim Kardashian. Now if only she could tone down the makeup and lay of injections, she could reclaim her beauty in no time.  I feel Elle McPhearson is kind of trying hard. It is very cold in London right now and I feel cold looking at the unstockinged feet and shiny leggings etc. She is great for 47, still....

Not good, people, not good...
Tina O'Brien – I am speechless with this look. Just speechless. Duncan James is wearing a suit that does not fit him with shoes that seem too small. At least it is consistent. Paul Weller. Nothing seems to fit well and nothing is working for me.  I can't tell if it is real fur coat or not, but I can tell it is not a nice garment Trinny Woodall.

I do not understand Rachel Zoe, nor Vera Wang, nor Kerry Hilson. They should know better.

When I see Toni Braxton, I think of mid life crisis.... the synthetic wig and choice of clothing etc. And the same feeling yet much more intense when I see Vivica Fox in age appropriate, classy garments not.  I can say the same for Lyn Whitfield in this strangly cut dress. Raven Symone looks regular, although I have seen her hair looking much nicer.
Gabourey Sidibe just bothers me. I don't think her arms were as big as that before. This is not healthy and honestly I feel my chest getting tight just looking at her. She needs an intervention and soon - in all seriousness, I say that from a kind place. Venus Willams is a great tennis player and I love the silk scarf she is wearing on her head – I think it could have been tied better. I'll leave it there.
We get, Mel B loves her sexuality and by the look of it,she must love this look and that is the main thing. It looks she works in a 'gentlemen's club'. Money can't buy class or taste, but there is room for everyone in the world....

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