Monday, 29 November 2010

Riddle me this...

What is it about Urban music artists and style or lack of? There are a few that often look great most of the time, but the others just... well, I just lament. They fall into the 'styled by a drag queen', 'fake gangsta', 'I'm different' or 'hoochie' categories.

Omarion, Serena (not an urban artist I know),  Keri Hilson, Christina Milian,dude, where's y'all stylists? Think about firing and hiring..

P Diddly and artists Dirty Money. I can't.. And Chris Brown is wearing a fur rucksack. I hate real fur and that is vile excess to me.

Willow Smith is a beautiful little girl. I'll leave it there with the positive. I can't with the outfit. I like Jada Pinket Smith's dress, well the top half anway. Teyana Taylor is only 19, but demonstrates the need for attention to detail. There is perhaps a little more nippleage coming through and it looks like there might be some 5 O'clock shadow in her pubic area.

Brandy has improved her look and has worn some great outfits. This one is on the bubble, but I like it that her wig repetoire has significantly improved. I am very unsure about her friend Kelly Rowland. I think she looks like a young Donna Summer here.
Better though...
Nicki Minaj is quirky and different. I know it is very 'put together' but she has the swagger that authenticates the style. I can appreciate that. She has grown on me for sure.  And Rihanna is allowed because she understands her own swagger, although I don't always like what she wears, I appreciate it. I am happy she has retired the straight horse hair weave for the night. I am not crazy about the dress but I am liking the hair – not so bright. Love Neyo's chocolate brown suit. He has it accesorised perfectly too.

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