Monday, 23 August 2010

The Usual Mess

For someone who wants to be eternally young and hip, dressing like an old lady who has lost her marbles (with a bemused looking child/boyfriend accessorising her outfits) does not help. At all. Really! Out in her pyjamas? And speculate amongst yourselves about the style choices. I can't anymore with Mariah Carey. I just can't.

Kim Kardashian trying too hard. She needs to relax her look a little for the day to day. I am mad at Alexandra Burke for wearing this get up (with a dry looking weave). She has been doing so well. And Edith Bowman needs to understand that this cut jacket does nothing positive for anyone. Is this an example of blind leading the blind following 'fashion'. I can't say too much for the rest of the outfit either.

I don't understand Claudia Winkleman's style. I don't think she does either. I will say the same about Mel B. the Same.  And I don't understand Heidi Klum's choice. I know she is an original super model and she still has it, but this outfit looks cheap, cheap, cheap!

Witney Port (don't know what she does or who she is) needs to acquaint herself to the joy of food. As does Nadine Coyle. They need to eat something (and keep it down). Clothes do not look nice on an undernourished frame. And Katie Price. No words. That is all.

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