Monday, 23 August 2010

Some surprises..

A change is as good as a rest. Kelly Osborne has a new hairdresser (and stylist). She is a beautiful girl and is working with her hotness. Hurrah! At last. I don't think I like Kim Kardashian's wig though - she is looking a little 'blow up' to me.

Ms Nikki B from Hairspray is big and actually looks good. I know I am super hard on Gabourey Sidibe, but here I don't clutch my chest in fear. I probably should though. And Mischa Barton is still on the improved vibe. Hurrah!

And Britney showing how love and a good bra can tweak the look from trashy to actually almost there! She's learning to make her uniform work better for her. Some wedges that don't look like they are 'Payless' and and bra. Hurrah.

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