Thursday, 12 August 2010

Something right..

Looking lovely again, Ms Julia Roberts. I was never a fan of hers when everyone went on about how fab she was. And I'm sorry to say, not really the greatest fan of her work. But I think she is grounded and beautiful. I am really liking Rihanna's suit (and swagger) here. I hope she feels like changing her hair colour soon though. Kim Kardashian looking good. Not often I like her choices, but here gets a thumbs up! I am ignoring the chemically altered face.

Sarah Jessica Parker looks fabulous here. Her husband is on a whole another style tip though.  So many people seem to hate on Naomi Campbell because she is fab. I am speaking as an iconic model – not her personality. At 40 years old and a body like this! Pat yourselves on the back if you still have your own hair though.

And not often does Gwyneth Paltrow get the thumbs up from me either. But she does here. Great casual look that looks pretty natural. I love the look from top to toe (yes, I am aware that is Faith Hill in the background).

Another surprise! I love this photo of Ciara. I think she should hire the shoot's stylist. Her body looks amazing and the styling accentuates her type of beauty. The next photo amuses me. Either Justin Beiber is super mini, or Ciara is a giant. Either way, it amuses me because I don't really see their personalities, only the 'product'.
Glee's Mark Salling is one of my guilty secrets. Not many get it, but I have to put him here.  And hasn't she upgraded nicely? Proud of you Britney. Now if someone could just take out those hideous extensions and nurse her hair back to health... we'd be well on the right track.

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  1. Don't watch Glee but will fight you for Mark Salling. P x :-)