Thursday, 12 August 2010

Something Wrong Here

If I told you that these were £4.99 from Brixton market drag queen outfitters, you would probably have the same opinion as me about these shoes. But they are not. They are Christian Laboutin. They have a waiting list. *smh*. There's no fool like a rich/famous fool. And while we're on the subject of overpriced uncomfortable footwear, Jimmy Choo founder, Tamara Mellon is selling her stake. It is rumoured to be worth $500 million!

Riddle me this Simon Cowell. Why wax part of the chest hair (the sides). This is really weird. I suppose it detracts from his legendary waist issues. Verdine White (from Earth, Wind and Fire) has this look leaving the gym. I know he's leaving the gym but there is no excuse for it. Really! None!

I secretly hope this is a lacefront wig..
Clutching my pearls with tears escaping! Erykah Badu is too fine for what is going on ontop of her head. Too damn fine.

Jordan/Katie Price. Class in a glass (that was free with petrol station tokens and  is broken into thousands of pieces!). No more words. Fellow over doer of hair extensions and make up, Kim Kardashian wearing ugly fur. Her face is looking more and more touched these days. It's a shame for someone so young and pretty.

I don't find their look cute anymore (if I ever did). It's just gone too far for me. Boy band JLS and their metro sexuality bothers my aesthetic. I can't with the shaved chests, permed hair and plucked eyebrows. I just can't.

Not feeling the look (Mischa Barton). Not feeling the flowery leggings (Denise Outen). Not feeling those leggings with the knees exposed (Alex Gerrard).

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