Saturday, 7 August 2010

Out and about this week... not so good.

Britney. Who is responsible for all of this?

Sighs *rolls eyes* and moves on to the next.

What was Carrie Underwood thinking? The school girl/cheap hooker look? Well then it worked. Another hooker look with the see through sheath dress. The same said for the lovely Leona Lewis. I know a difficult break-up plays havoc with sensibilities (including dress sense – seriously!), but come on! She is better than this. Maybe the hooker look is fashionable. Glad I'm missing that boat!

And bored into a coma with Paris Hilton's lack of class *rolls eyes/shrugs/sighs*

I really don't know what Jessica Biel was thinking with this outfit. The colour, the cut, the fit... wrong, wrong, wrong! ! I do not like this deliberate ripped jeans look. I know that it is very popular right now, but it is not for me at all. Not at all Nicole Scherzinger. I don't know what to say to Fergie. I think Brunette is not her colour. She looks better as a sandy blonde, it detracts from the fact she has very little forehead. But it cannot detract from her style issues. She needs some help. I say that from a kind place!

Kourtney Kardashian looks pretty, then is see what her partner is wearing on his feet. It is all the way wrong. Seems they coordinated. Mel B looks nice, but her husband erm.. does not. A friend made the comment that he lingers around like a silent fart (OK, it wasn't a friend, it was me - but I'm trying to be classy).

I think Alesha Dixon is sweet and very pretty. The top half of her outfit is great, but then I wonder where and why she bought these unflattering leggings. It is not a good look. The Smith family try a little too hard for my liking. I think they could relax a little with the style choices. 

Less Offensive than usual.
I am convinced that Kesha is fighting her hotness deliberately. This look would have worked great but for the smudged, blue lipstick.

Madonna. The naked emperor in so many guises. I have seen worse.

Kylie and her model man. They have looked better. Kesha. Not looking awful. High five. And Not bad, Liz Hurley. Not bad considering.

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