Tuesday, 31 August 2010

August 2010 - worst dressed.

The Regulars..
Madonna. Trying to keep young by dressing like a crazy old lady does not make sense!
Speaking of which, Vivienne Westwood is allowed so much slack because of her creativity, but when it comes to pee coloured hair, one imagines soaking incontinence pads and unpleasant odours. She is too fab for that.

Fergie.. Happy to see the black hair has gone in more recent photos. Kesha.enough already.
Kim Kardashian. At home on this list. Modern brunette barbie (without the trussing). Jessica White, cheap looking shoes, dress, bag and wig. Not a good combination.

Nadine somethingorother needs to eat. And not wear leggings that accentuate the snapability of her legs. Bandmate Nicola Roberts just looks off (nearly always). Taylor Momsen looks foolish. Just foolish.

Solange Knowles sometimes gets it, and sometimes looks like she is trying too hard. This is one of those times (but I do like the top). Sis, Beyonce is on the list for too tight, uncomfortable looking shorts. Know your size and ladies. She would have made the other list if she did.

Snoop Dogg. You no longer live in the 'hood' and you are not a teen. And Verdine White. You know I have no words and I nearly quit with this.

You let me down Jessica Alba with this. And Leona Lewis.
Shame on you Heidi Klum. Shame. And Vanessa Feltz looks happy. Black is slimming to a point. You need to know where that point is. That is all I will say there about this f***ery.

Emma has the 'Samson syndrome', cut the hair and the style withers. I don't know what happened to Uma Thurman. I don't. And there is a fool like a young foolishly dressed man. Me no likey

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