Tuesday, 17 August 2010


Pleasantly Surprised..
It's her birthday. Yes Madonna does look great for 52 years old and for the first time I can say she looks really good. The satin dress suits her (not everyone can carry satin off) and hair and make up is perfect. I am pleasantly surprised.

See what happens when you have a good nights sleep and a shower. Mischa Barton illustrates how something so simple can make such a difference to something like basic judgement. She chose decent clothes and shoes today. I tried those shoes on (Zara version), but they were far too precarious for the amount of walking I do.  Victoria Beckham wearing flats, jeans and a top. I salute her for not wearing her uber high end garments and looking natural and relaxed (for her). Maybe a little too many rips in the denim for my liking, but still looking good.  Rihanna has covered her pillar box red weave with a cute hat. And I like the outfit too.

Not too surprised.
Kanye West looks good! He owns his swagger in this suit and love the brown suede shoes with this combination. All good. Adam Lambert is 'different' and I kind of like it too. I still see him as Rihanna's alter ego though. It works wel for him. And no Surprise these days to see that Chrisina Ricci looks lovely again in casual. This bob haircut really frames her face well and the jacket/jeans and bag all work well together.

Out of the blue, Samantha Mumba turns up every now and again. I am not crazy about the dress. I think it would have worked better without sleeves.  Lovely and fabulous is Chilli. This woman is another who does not age. I know there must be some photoshop involved, but I know she is still looking good. I can't say the same for Vivica A Fox looks a little like she is over doing it and struggling. She is only 3 years older than Halle Berry, but mainly looks like mutton these days. Harsh I know, but I say that from a kind place.

Not the best look for Alexandra Burke, but I am simply fascinated with those satin trousers. I can't work out what is going on with Kelly Brooke's chest area. It could be fake tan streaking, or it could be skin stretched because of the heavy load. It is odd to me.

Not so great
Ferne Britton bought this dress? It was a gift? Why did she wear it though? I ask the same question of Patsy Palmer and of her boots and sunglasses. And why did she think it looked good all together? Pixie Lott has a great singing voice, but not so great style choices. Fried bleach blond hair, with stocking tattooed tights and a short satin dress just looks cheap. On a positive, I do like the colour of the dress and it might have worked with leggings or opaque tights.


  1. Erm, this is actually Fern Cotton. Although the dress looks big enough to fit Ms Britton. These 2 always get mixed up, to Miss Cotton's great sorrow! I'd be pissed off! P x

  2. I always get confused on the ferns! Thanks P x