Wednesday, 15 December 2010

So far- Out and About, I am disappointed

Both Halle Berry and Helen Mirren have been style icons this year, but I have an almost identical suit to Halle's and it is a work thing. And the gold brocade number is too WTF to continue. Sorry for the language.  Rachel Roy is too fine for this H&M special priced looking slouchy jumper and middle aged looking pencil skirt. Too fine.

Chloe Sevengy is so fashion bi polar. She can look stunning and vanguard, but then she can look like this. I know Diana Ross is a diva, but this fur is vile. I think the outfit would have been divalicious without it. Why Whoopie? Why must I weep? I have no words. Toni Braxton has lost it for me. I love her singing voice and I see she is still has something special but is forcing it and it ends up lost in the bad wig and ill fitting clothes. I weep.

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