Thursday, 9 December 2010

November 2010 - not the best dressed

Anna Lynn McCord. No words. Anna Kedrick made an unflattering outfit choice. Sorry.  Britney Spears. No words necessary.  I think Sheryl Crowe is waay better than this dress.

Laura Bailey is a little late for Halloween. I hope this ugly fur coat is fake Meg Matthews. And Mel Blatt, those tights are not good. Perhaps for working girls. I don't get it. Angela Griffin's taste is not mine.

Melissa Joan Hart, I got nothing. Nothing at all.  Kim Kardashian's doppelgänger, Nancy Dell Olio has made a better choice, but there is still a way to go.  Natasha Kaplinsky has always dressed middle aged, I don't understand why. Lizzie Cundy frightens me a little, as does this look for girls aloud member – or is it a drag version of?

Blake Lively's dress looks like it is fighting gravity and makes her look bumpy rather than curvy. Olivia Wilde is very beautiful, but this dress is fighting it a little. I don't know why Jessica White always looks a little erm.. cheap. Yep, I said it. She is pretty and can do much much better. Kelly Osborne and her roots clash with this dress.

Ms Kylie leaves me wanting. A lot. Trinny Woodall has the cheek to tell women what not to wear and wears this. I like some of the individual pieces, but together it's a little Bet Lynch at the races. I think Alice Temperly would know better. And I think that Kim Fields is Bet Lynch's cousing over the water.

I do not feel Scott Disick's swagger. At all. I still see Thunderbirds puppet with I look at Noel Gallagher. Kanye does not look great in this. I think the components could work within other combinations, but here it is not great.

Verdine White has unique taste. And hair. P Diddy describes himself as many things, amongst them, an artist and a style icon. Howard Donald's trousers are all the way wrong. That is all.

I like Alesha Dixon but not so much her sense of style. How long has Caprice been 38? Well she looks proud of it anyway! I am confused Whitney Port.. I think she works in fashion! As does Agyness Deyne. I will stop there.

Kim Kardashian's taste is not mine. That's the best that I can do.

I think that Kesha does it on purpose. Perhaps she is not confident enough to dress well so deliberately dresses badly to precipitate the comments that she fears. Tayo Cruz is not looing his best in this photo either.

At home on the list is Paris Hilton and Mischa Barton. Welcome again this month ladies.
Also right at home is Jaime Winstone. You go girl! The Olsen twins are drowning in their fugly furs and insisted on wearing them almost every day. The irony of carrying the poor pooch whilst wearing something that was only bred for it's skin.

Fearn COTTON makes this list. I just don't feel her style. Charlotte Church seems like a sweetheart, but her choices in garments are off. Sorry.

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