Tuesday, 21 December 2010

The last out and about of 2010!!

Alexandra Burke is ending 2010 on a strong note too. Holly Valance has become very stylish this year. Maybe she always has been and I have only just noticed. Michelle Williams is loving London and it loves her back. I do like Jessica Alba's style in general, but I think this dress would have looked better if the sleeves were shorter and I don't know if I think this dress is too small and babydollish for my tastes. I still love the hair cut though.

This is the loveliest I have seen Melanie Griffith. She looks fantastic with her daughter Stella/Dakota one of them. Joe Jonas and Ashley Greene make a stylish, great looking couple. And not conventional, but still a beautiful couple, Katy Perry and Russell Brand. Different. Genuinely so - I heart them for that.

Kim Kardashian's older, Italiandoppelgänger has foiled up for Christmas. Seasonal, I suppose. Everyday is dress up day for Christina Aguilera. Looking overdone. Again. Thank goodness Tina O'Brien has seen the photo of herself last week and decided to upgrade. Well done.

I am liking Usher's beard now, but the hair needs to be combed or locksed. The in between bothers me. I posted a photo of Glenn Close looking very manly. Now I understand why. She is butching up for a role, and it is very convincing. David Beckham's new hair reminds me of his youth. He is a man who has improved with age so this regression is not flattering.

 I like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie as actors, but they look a little plastic here. Action man and his doll. They seem to be the cool family type (with a conscience too!) and I heart them for that.

 WTF is Lulu wearing on her feet? And why would she think it is OK? Seriously! Rachel Bilson has finished the year a little weakly too. I liked Dani Minogue's style during her pregnancy and I have not seen so many photos of her out and about. My friend Marya says she has gone a little middle aged and I can see why she would say that. Whitney looking better. Love the boots and skinny jeans on her. I certainly couldn't carry that off with my trunky legs – though I just bought some boots that flatter today.
This is my say something nice challenge.

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