Tuesday, 21 December 2010

On the Fence 2010

These are people who make you go ummm. Not the worst dressed, but fighting their own hotness with bad style, or stale style, or trying too hard to be sexy (or remain sexy). Yes, I dared to put Anna Wintour on this list for just looking the same (albeit perfectly groomed) all the time. And not forgetting the fashion bi-polar - Let's hope 2011 provides inspiration and style for us all.

For many months Olivia Palermo was on my best dressed list. I had no clue who she was until I saw The Hills - scripted reality shows are generaly something I avoid. Anyway, knowing she works in fashion and comes from an uber privileged backgound made me see her differently (I know I shouldn't). I think she is stunningly beautiful but it is her beauty and grace that distracts me from the outfits that are often 'off'. I'll give her props for managing to carry the majority off. Peaches Geldof has made some horrific choices this year but ends well. And Carey Mulligan has made some 'different' choices. I don't really like her style much, although I think she wears it well.

I love Julianne Moore, she has something alluring about her. She is here because she has made some fashion bi-polar choices. These, I like.  I like Russell Brand, not often his choices, but here he looks good! I am not Kanye's biggest fan, although I recognise the talent. He swings on the pendulum of good to gooness me!

The try hards! Rihanna seems to try to hard. She had an edge before and now.... I am just bored. I am grateful she has gone back to black (sing Amy, Sing!). Jared Leto fought his hotness. He won.

Naomi Campbell is all kinds of hot. But her coices are so bad when left to her own devices. Claudia Schiffer dresses like a middle aged mum, I know she is, but she still has her supermodel fab and needs to chat with Elle. Jessica White just looks... erm cheap all the time to me. I don't get it. She can do better. And Kate Beckensdale has just looked like she has tried hard for the paps.

More of the try to hard gang.. The queen Kylie. In the twilight of her sex appeal and holding onto it for dear life. I think Halle Berry's has increased with her age and Kylie's has just dissipated with the botox. Sorry, I know it's a little harsh. Gwenyth Paltrow tries hard. Sometimes it hits, and sometimes it misses. But she tries. Too hard.

My over-rated. I like most of the outfits here |(especially the last one), but generaly, I find Alexa Chung's style a little to contrived alternative/chic. I think the same thing with Fern Cotton.

Fashionistas who should know better. Zac Posen, Karl Largerfield, Pam Hogg are here for obvious reasons. And dear Anna Wintour just looks the same. If perfection can be stale at the same time, this is the embodiment.

I don't know why Nicki Minaj interests me. I don't like Lady Gaga etc because of the overdone look, but somehow Nicki has a charm for me. Farell is getting his swexy back. Has a little way to go, not much but I am happy he has stopped fighting his hotness.  Koutney and Khloe Kardashian can look quite good at times. Others not so much.

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