Thursday, 9 December 2010

November 2010 - Best Dressed.

Chanel Iman is a model so she has access to finery. I find her a little too thin, however, she has something and wears what she wears very well. Christina Ricci scrubs up well.  Joan Collins is a legendary diva. That is all.

Emma Watson all grown up. Looks like both her and Burberry are mutually happy with the sponsorship. Natlaie Portman, elegant, elegant, elegant. That is all.
Beyonce has her strange poses. However I am liking her red carpet and airport swagger. And Fergie is making an apprearance on the best dress for the second month in a row! I am hopeful.  Nicole Scherzinger looks lovely in this structured cocktail dress.

I am ashamed to say that I had shallow thoughts of befriending Jennifer Hudson for her coat. She was fierce when she was larger and she her stylist has kept it up. And Brandy upped her style and wig game this month. Hurrah!

Stella McCartney is one designer who has style. There are not many. I do like Kate Winslett and this simple look works great. Sandra Bullock is great working simple chic. I think the boots Jessica Alba is wearing look slightly uncomfortable, however the look works well and I need that coat (I lack a stylish winter coat). 

UK urban artist, Tiny Tempah puts his own personality with his style choices. This is better from Alexa Chung. I don't understand why she fights her hotness so often. David Gandy, eye candy.  Ms Beth Ditto just all the way fierce. Large and in charge.

Elle McPhearson tries hard. I don't think that the wet look leggings and high heels are appropriate for picking up her kids from school (she is 47 years old too!), however, she looks great and that cannot be denied.. Portia Di Rossi is all the way fabulous with her style choices. All the way.  Jake G and Natalie Portman. Beautiful people wearing beautiful clothes. 

The coats.. I need the coat that Jenni Falconer is wearing and if I could wear heels that high, I would need her shoes too. Rochelle from the Saturdays (have no clue!), looks warm and stylish in this fleece lined parka. Me likey. He still has something! Lionel Richie is in his sixties and has classic/modern style and swagger. I applaud you. This look is stunning from afar for Raquel Welch. Stunning.
Nicky Hilton manages to carry off garments with class - she needs to share her secret with her sister. And sometimes Kourtney Kardashian looks great. I think she needs to have faith in her own style more.  Mondo was robbed! Project Runway fans will get it and good to see Heidi Klum in one of his designs. Veronica Webb is 45 and puts me to shame. Maybe I'll improve with age!

Another regular (sorry to bore you all) is Halle Berry. Too fab!

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