Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Out and About so far - Not so good... not so good

Gillian McKeith. She looks happy and we'll leave it there. There is no excuse for Marisa Tomei wearing this. None. Tina O'Brien wore this. I have nothing good to say on the matter. Meg Mathews estimated that her wardrobe was worth over £1million. And then she dressed like this.

Men that I don't 'get'. Benicio del Toro and Jason Derulo. I suppose money talent is attractive. Patsy Kensit has the 'I was really hot when I was younger and am not sure how to age' syndrome. I think Kylie Minogue seems to have the same affliction. Their choices look uncomfortable on them.  Jo Wood... I think that this outfit would look better with boots.. nah this dress is not very, erm, nice. Sorry.

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