Thursday, 9 December 2010

November 2010 - On the fence

Mel B is covered and it looks better. I don't know what I think of Kelly Rowland's look. I am confused by, well by it all. But it doesn't offend. Really I don't know what to say about Glenn Close. The coat and boots are good, but somehow she has become very androgynous. Kelly Osborne's hair is no doubt natural, but it looks flammable and synthetic - I think it is the bright blonde that bothers me a little. I do like the dress though.

 I do like Brandy's coat and boots but wig game is a little exaggerated. Almost made it with the dress and the sequinned leggings too. I should hate Kesha Cole's outfit, but she has something that carries it off, leaving me on the fence. I know, controversial!

Jessica Simpson has improved too, but I'm not feeling the pink coat too much, but she deserves a break so she is not on the 'other' list. I don't really understand Blake Lively's co-ordination.

Gwen Stefani and her boys are undeniably gorgeous BUT.. I'm not sure about bleaching a child's hair and the nail varnish? Actually I think it's cool.. my nephew gets excited and asks me to paint his whenever I do mine. I would but my sister objects! Meanwhile, this is not fab, but better than a lot of looks I have seen for Madonna. I will high five her for that.

Jessica Alba has been quiet for a while. I am not excited about these looks – it doesn't offend either. I think I like Natasha Beddingfield's look here. It's different. Heidi Klum has has a bad run with her casual choices and I am not sure about this. It's not bad though. 

Miley Cyrus had a better choice of garment here, but I am still undecided. I am also undecided about Kelly Brooke's choice. It veers towards Nancy Dell Ollio.. Not someone to style oneself on. Actually from the neck down this outfit is OK, but Estelle's make up and hair is not working well for me. Her neck and shoulders seem a little too broad to carry this look. She has slipped.

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