Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Not the Best Dressed 2010

Again, readers will aready know who made this list. No surprises really. I do want to say that I appreciate that Britney is getting better and that when Kim Kardashian does not spray paint her make-up on she can look good. Ladies who overdo it kill it for me.

I now realise that I am distracted by the face. When I cover her face some of the outfits are not that bad. However, the spray painted, overdone make-up is part of the 'look' and I don't like it. I think a little more simplicity would enhance Kim Kardashians beauty. Instead the drag queen make-up application kills her hotness for me. And she puts together some OK pieces badly in my opinon.

Madonna. No words, I can't.

Lala Vasquez is KK's friend and they seem to have access to the same stylist. It is not good. I have nothing positive to say about Scott Disick's look. Moving onto Katie Price. Well, she is Katie Price and we rely on that.

Jamie Winstone (I see you Mel Blatt!). Nowords. Cheryl Cole is beautiful but is from the pink toy poodle school of dressing. Overdone and contrived for me.

Tighter and shorter school of dressing (and lepoard print if possible). I can appreciate it even if I don't like it.

I don't know who dresses Fergie, but I think she might consider paying someone (different). That is all. The Olsen twins live in their own world. Not for me.
The Gledof sisters. Cherly Cole and Lindy Cundy are Brits who can frighten somehow with their appearances.

Kesha. Taylor and Lady Gaga try toooo hard. That is all.

Whether in Channel or Primark (probably not, just looks like it), Paris Hilton manages to always look.. cheap. Lindsay has been under the influence, so I'll leave the comments alone. I wish her health.

There must be R'n'B stylists that are responsible for this mess. I think they are drag queens. Ciara and Kerry Hilson are hot pretty ladies and are better than that. I don't know if it is the mid life crisis or just a taste thing, but Vivica Fox and JLo make me weep at times.

Patricia Field should know better. She is a stylist (so should Rachel Zoe who marginally missed being on this list). I want to show love to Britney Spears because she has come through a tough time. She looks clean and healthy so we high five her for that. Now if she could just sort out the pesky hair extensions I can see her moving into the 'on the fence' list. Jessica Simpson has some nice garments but just doesn't seem to know what suits her.

More 'urban' foolishness. You just know that P Diddy styles his group. You just know! Loretta Devine should burn her wardrobe and wig crypt and start a new. Sorry to say that.  And Amber Rose wins for the trying too hard to be different and edgy look. It is becoming her brand so props to her for self marketing. 

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