Friday, 18 March 2011

It's been a while - Not the best dressed

I am serious and I say it from a kind place, should Ciara think about changing her drag queen style. She is a pretty lady and her outfits and wigs really do let her down. Megan Good also is stuck in a hoochie rut with her clothes.

Nicola Roberts
and Melanie Brown. Are there words? Probably, but I can't. I just can't. Why must I weep? Why?

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The Girls are not doing so well. Michelle Rodriguez made a mistake (she needs a good girlfriend to tell her when this is happening). Socks and sandals are never a good look in any season. Sequins can look fresh or not. Guess which one Ms Hiton is? And neiter is nylon looking silk dress. I give up on Ms Winstone.

These ladies ought to know better.. Yes, you Posh lady. And Amber Rose... I can't.

 Demi and Selma and Elle and Claudia. We see you and the emperor is naked!

Lindy Cundy (the name bothers me, really!).

Toni, why must I weep? I cannot. And Mary, the shoes with something else, the dress in the bin. Sorry, but it looks B|rixon market and did nothing for her.

Too much make-up is not a good look. Neither is 'I spend too much a lot of time on making myself look like this..

Usher Raymond needs to rehire his ex wife or find a new stylist. The current one is not working. U got it bad.

Samantha Morton.. I am actually speechless with this choice. She looks happy with it and that is important. I am let down with Jessica Alba's choice here. And Lilly Cole has looks I don't understand. I'll leave it there.

Pixie Geldof does not know better. Donna Karan should know better. Avril Lavigne could pay someone who knows better and V V Brown, WTF! I mean really!

Jordan, Katie Price and Victoria Silvsted.. blonde, operated and umm.. sorry to say it (but someone needs to) CHEAP looking. Probably very nice intelligent ladies though.

I don't know what has happened to Heidi Klum and Seal. I always thought of them as a stylish couple. Now I just don't know what they are seeing when they pick up garments and when they are dressed lookingin the mirror. It needs to stop.

I like Kourtney Kardashian's personality (from the tiny that I have seen), but I think she is stuck trying to mimick her sister's style. The jeans do not fit well and it is not a great look. I could be biased, but I do not like Kim Kardashian's style, it is just over done from the hair to the shoes.

These ladies know better. Kylie has lost her va va voom for me. Kate Moss has made some 'New Look' looking choices. And Myleen Klass tries a little too hard here for me.

Julliette Lewis looks like she dresses when she is intoxicated. Nicole Kidman is just so frumpy looking these days. And I don't know what happened to M.I.A. Sad to say, there are too many times that Alesha Dixon dresses like this. Too many.

Jennifer Lopez just misses the mark. Often.  Lindsay Lohan and Kanye West not looking great. Not the best look for Christina Aguliera either. I don't feel the fried blonde hair look.

Kourtney Kardashian and her partner Scott Disick have an oily look about them here. And Chelsea Clinton and her husband's clothes look like they don't fit very well.

Naomi Campbell's ski outfit is worth more than my enire wardrobe I think and it looks dreadful. Brandy's wig and dress perhaps looked better on the hanger. And shiny leggings does Nobody any favours. Nobody Gail.

Love Patti Labelle. Don't love the outfit or make-up, but love the attitude.

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