Friday, 18 March 2011

Fashion week(s).... Spring 2012

Kate came out of retirement and more when you click on read more below

Marc Jacobs for Gucci. I didn't like it. Sorry. Not high fashion enough to be aspirational art and not nice enough to be ready to wear.

Found Marc Jacobs this a little uninspired. Seen it many times before. Sorry.

I did like Maris Scwarb
Loved the colours and textures of Nanette Lepoire

Well, sit down Mr de la Renta. You know better! And I am not taken with Paul Costello's offering. But it seems to be in line with the rest.

Herve Leger keeping with the form fitting horozontal lines. He was not alone.

The image on the end is disgusting to me. This thinness has no place on a catwalk. The girl looks SICK.

Burberry has moved on from the classic trench.

Plain Jane shift dresses. I'm not very excited.

Gareth Pugh was very structural.
Wasn't as excited about Victoria Beckham's collection this time round.  Loved the last one though. Alot of geometric shapes and strong colour blocking too from Jaeger.

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  1. Thanks. This was not my best work. I have had issues with Blogger and posting photos this month and I made an international move..

    I couldn't get to your link. What's your blog? I love discovering new ones. x