Friday, 18 March 2011

It's been a while - I am confused...

I love her style but find it a little monotonous. And I don't get Corrine Bailey Rae's stylist right now. I do love her hair, but the make-up and clothing have left me wanting.

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I am not feeling Koutney's jumpsuit, but Khloe looks 'nice'. And I think if I didn't see Kim Kardashian's face I would love these outfits. It is the pantomime dame make-up and the chemical 'enhancement' that kills it for me.

Kely Osborne's dress is a size too small perhaps. I am not sold yet. And I actually like Katie Price's look here. Yep, I said it!

You have to own it when you wear it and I am not convinced with the first two ladies. Mel B and Sonique own it better in less attractive clothing. I cannot comment on the neck up on Sonique. I just can't.

I usually love Zoe Saldana's style, but here I am not sure. Not offensive but not what I love about her either. Kylie bounces between the groups and here she does not offend, but  I don't love it either. I don't hate Fern Cotton's dress or Deborah (from Will and Grace)'s dress, but something that does not engage me.
Ladies with maturity. I still see Joan Collins as an old school star. She glams it up with the best of them. And the original-ish Charlies Angels, looking well preserved.

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