Saturday, 12 March 2011

UPS are criminals!

Moving is stressful enough, UPS trashed most of my belongings and also lost my most important package. I saw them kicking boxes down the stairs.  It was stuck in France for a couple of weeks and I kept asking for a trace, but no, they want to wait until it is too late to find it before they do anything about it. They now accept it is lost, but I think it is stolen because it was the one package that had my valuables.

UPDATE: The bag turned up a week later, ripped open and stuff missing. Don't do it.

The customer service is shocking, untrained and they do not care at all. The in sincere: 'I do aplologise' is a standard greeting. Take heed, do not use UPS. I wish I had read the review centre reviews before I paid them big bucks to ship my life! Boo hoo. But I am healthy and regaining my mental health after this rubbish.

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