Thursday, 31 March 2011

March 2011 - On the fence

Olivia Palermo has a stunning face and legs. Love her choices in footwear, but her garments choices are becoming dodgy. I never quite feel Anna Wintour. I find her impeccably dressed and groomed but her look always leaves me feeling a little cold. This satin dress is not quite right. It doesn't support her enough in her chest area and looks slightly cheap. And I am not feeling Naomi's outfit and shoes. Finally Tamara Mellon has cut her hair (or quit the extensions) and put on a classy dress. Up graded.

Katie Holmes scrubs up well, but looking a little prematurely middle aged here for me, I do like Pamela Anderson when she doesn't have her bits on display. I like her chunky belt (looks suspiciously like leather!). I almost like Gwyneth Paltrow and Elle McPhearson's look. Almost. And Heidi Klum has disappointed me. Again.
Chelsea Clinton's dress is nice, but something is not gelling. Alexandra Burke's face and wig are stunning. The dress does not offend but I don't love. I like Beyonce's look generally, but the lace front is perhaps a little too peroxided. I love Jennifer Hudson and baby, but his feet are enormous growing faster than the rest of him! I am mesmerised!

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