Monday, 31 January 2011

January 2011 - Not the best dressed...

She made the best and the worst. Back with the drag queen clothes, extensions and make up. Not great. Speaking of fake hair, not really feeling John Travolta's wig. I thought this was Britney, but it is Linsday Lohan.

All of Paris Hilton's money couldn't buy her class.  Nancy D'Ollo is still dressing as mutton for my tastes. I'm not saying dress like an OAP once you hit 50, but some class. Please. Lindy Cundy just seems overdone to me. I can't look for too long. It is slightly disturbing.

Vanessa Feltz just needs a makeover in my opinion. Especially in the hair department. She has been wearing the 'fried blond' look for too long. Time to switch hairdressers. I say that from a kind place.  Lil Kim and her camel toe manage to detract from the 'situation' neck up. I can't.  The Black Eye Peas irk me somewhat.  I do love some of their tunes, but I find their style a 'trying hard'.

Perhaps it is a UK winter thing? Simmonds girl (Vanessa) has let herself down a little with the hair and garment choice. I think she is better than this. Sarah Harding.. I can't. Bandmate Kimberly Walsh is looking happy, so I'll leave it there. Also smiling is Kerry Katona. She looks healthy, but the pose does not help 'showcase' the less than great outfit.

They all should know better. Designer, Karl L and self acclaimed style icon, P Diddy should know better so I don't know why they always dress like this. Claudia Schiffer again showcasing her surburbian non-style. I am not feeling it at all. An Olsen twin in another fugly fur and outfit. Anne Hathaway wore this out. She needs to fire the stylist.

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