Thursday, 13 January 2011

New Year - nothing changed (yet).

The hot mamma's start as they mean to carry on!
Beauties and their broods. If they can do it so can I!!!

Sophia Ford Copolla is so elegant and classic. Loving the feather collar detail.  Jennifer Hudson is sleeker than ever. I will go to the gym and put those biscuits away today! I will. Elle McPhearson has sold her soul. How she is less than 3 years from 50 and looks like this I don't know. Also looking great is Demi and hubby. She wears a zipper dress without it looking trashy. I just know it would offend me on Kim Kardashian.

And then there are.... those who
look good, but there is a 'but'. I think I love Kerry Washington's choice of colour and shoes. Michelle Williams is sweet in her lace dress. Natalie Portman is pregnant. She looks good but not her ususal 'wow'. I have to say the same about Zoe Saldana. I like it, she is still very beautiful..but.

There are those who always manage to confuse me..
Solange gets me thinking....  Emma Watson is pushing her 'quirky'. Chole Sevigny - I think I like it, but I am never 100% conviced. I do think Raven Symone is working her 'divalicious'.

Then there are those.. well
Fashion bi-polar? Or just not my taste? I rarely like Claudia Schiffer's style. She is beautiful, but I don't like her choices even though I want to. And I always 'high five' Sharon Stone for being in her 50's and having the body and vitality that she has.. but I snatch my hand away when she makes her muddled choices.

Hurrah, I like Kylie's understated cool. Sting looks odd. It might be the dyed hair, although I have to say, I do like the jacket and pullover combo.

Britney Spears, Jodie Kidd and Gerry Halliwell hold up the 'money won't change me (or buy me class/style/decent hair extensions)' section. Though I like Gerry's tights and boots. I'll stop with the positive.

I have no words Gabourey well diet and exercise. Why must I weep?

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