Monday, 31 January 2011

January 2011 - Best dressed

I love Michelle Obama's red patent leather gloves. Mixed with the navy coat it looks cool. Alesha Dixon looks absolutely stunning here. She needs to keep a hold of this stylist.  Thandie Newton is even prettier in real life. It's not fair.
Jade Williams in a great leather dress. Zoe Saldana is stunning, I love the top part of her outfit, but not the skirt so much. Keeping with the positive. Cat Deely looking lovely in lilac. A one shoulder that is slightly different. Angie Harmon is brave to wear a strapless jumpsuit. It was worth the risk.
 I do like this hair length on Jessica Alba and I still love her casual style too. Kate Bosworth has had some great outfits this month and inspired me to buy a coat like this in the sale.  How hot is Rob Lowe looking? I never really got the fuss when I was younger, but there I can see why here. I just loved John Galliano's look for his Haute Coture show this month. The fringe and suit and everything just looks fine. For the first time I think he looks as stunning as his show!

The Kardashian Sisters. Yep you read it right. I am loving her style at the moment. Not everything, but enough for her to make this list this month. And I am putting her sister on the list. She looks pretty hot without drag queen make up or hair extensions. And also Fearn Cotton has made it with a coat that I covet.

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