Thursday, 27 January 2011

Out and about - good, bad, and the ug....

Michelle Obama caught a little controversy for not wearing a US designer (from a US designer). But I think she rocks Alexander McQueen and does her country proud.  And I am loving this Anna Wintour suit. She is in her sixties!! Just love Gwen Stefani and her family swagger. Beautiful.

Corrine Bailey Rae is maintaining her cool. Loving Alexandra Burke's sweetness. Jessica Alba is sparkling. I am so feeling the long bob. I have seen a lot of leather dresses. I am too practical and need to be able to machine wash most things, but this is certainly appealing to my indlugent side. Love the slinky Grecian stance. Emma Willis is cool and hot all together.
Winter wonder ladies. Natalie Portman, Lake Bell, Kourntey Kardashian and Liv Tyler keep the style stakes together in the cold. Inspiring!

Ms Kylie Minogue looking fantastic, although my toes are feeling a little cold in sympathy for hers in peeptoe shoes the London winter. Channel Haughton is wearing the Zara coat that I was stalking in the sale.. It went before I got to it. The risks of sale stalking hey! Demi Moore is a fine wine, getting better and better with age.

Cameron Diaz is still killing it too. Skinny jeans and pretty coat= stylish winter basics.  Lyla Kibede not wearing make up but still looking hot. Leah Weller is just so classic and pretty. Love that she never seems to overdo it. Demi Moore and Kate Bosworth are so making it on the best dressed list this month! I am a little on the fence with Kerry Washington. I like it, but...

I am disappointed with Veronica Webb here. She was an inspiration last year. I don't know what happened here. Hooded velvet dress is a tricky number to carry off and I can't say she did. Camilla Belle has let me herself down. The bare midriff is not working for me. At all. I do like Cherly Cole's dress from the from and the back, but I do not like the rest.. not feeling the tattoo either. But I could be biased.

Vera Wang looks like she needs a little nourishment, but she looks good in one of her creations. I don't know what to say about Bob Sinclair. He is looking a little orangey, but the suit has a little flair (and he looks happy and that's important). My man, Curtis does not do too well in suits. His choice in ties too leave me wanting. Estelle is not looking bad here. I am not a fan of satin, but she looks pretty.

I like the garment choices that Davina McCall makes, but not really the way that she puts it together. I like the scarf and the jacket (I think), but the trousers and boots don't seem to work. I am confused when I look at Mark Owen. Just confused. Yes, I am still not getting Claudia Schiffer either, but I do like the scarf. My guy candy, David Gandy is puzzling me with the lycra t-shirt and scarf/hankerchief set thing that he has going on. It detracted me from his usually killer gaze..

Heidi Klum does not offend or impress me here. She get's a high five for being fine after five kids!  Samantha Mumba pops up at random intervals. This time it was her birthday.  I really rate Emily Blunt, but it seems that she has had teeth veneers and now her mouth has a Hollywood 'look' that has been robbed of character. I am disappointed.  

Reality TV star (whose name I didn't bother with, sorry) has nice eyes. The rest needs a lot of work. And I admit, I think I am biased, I don't Kim Kardashian's style, rather I am bored of the over tight dresses and drag queen make-up. I don't know what happened to Katie Cruise. Perhaps she indulged her daughter Suri and let her make the choices. Once again Davina McCall has not made the best choice. The dress looks a little too constricting and not flattering.

Sharon Stone looks too 'Cruella' for me here. I miss the charm of Alexa Chung's 'style'. Megan Fox doing if for the boys. I think she looks hot. I can't with Vanessa Feltz. I CAN NOT.

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