Monday, 6 September 2010

September has begun on a mixed note

Cyndi Lauper. I don't really have too many words for her look. I know she is eccentric and I suppose that mitigates a lack of taste. I think Julia Roberts has had a little intervention in her chest area. It looks very natural and well done and I hope she leaves it there.

The first photo of Peaches Geldof is a well put together look. Then I see it in its full glory and it is not quite so... umm well put together and does not really suit her. I can't wait for this hosiery phase to pass. It does not suit anyone other than strippers and 'professional' ladies.

I had high fived Mischa Barton for her recent style improvements. I was wrong. I don't know what has happened. Maybe when she was considered an up and coming style icon a stylist was dressing her, because now the choices bear very little relation to her former style. And it is not an improvement. Also back on the f*$%ery tip is Amy Winehouse. No words.

Lilley Allen is more chav than fab here. But it's an off day day off. Geri Haliwell needs to keep listening to her stylists, or call Victoria Beckham before she opens her wardrobe. Blah blah blah. Lindsay Lohan is out and about again after her stint in rehab and jail. I don't really know why I mention her here. I hope it's a fresh start. Her style is OK I suppose. Nothing offends. I don't know why Jennifer Garner is wearing this. Nothing flatters at all. Nothing.

Why would a woman in her late thirties think this is cool? Somebody please. Cheryl Cole always looks so unnatural and stiff. I am sure she enjoys looking pretty, but the extream 'fashion - paparazzi ready' nature of her outfits are too contrived for me. The same for Myleene Klass. She is trying a little too hard for the chic geek look and it has hit well wide of the mark.

I am grateful that Kelly Osborne has upgraded her hair colour, but it has been downgraded with this weave and this outfit (I know it is theatrical) is not the most flattering. I know she has lost weight and looks great for it too, but here is also the 'I used to be fatter and now look how hot I am syndrome' that she needs to be careful not to fall into. This is not flattering Nelly Furtado. Not at all.

Defina Deletrez Fendi – yes of the Fendi fashion dynasty is wearing granny chic and it is not chic to me. The shoes don't go with the outfit, the skirt is shapeless and unflattering. I can imagine the nuns from my school wearing this (minus the shoes. Except Sister Sylvia who was the only one who wore make-up and shaped her eyebrows). I am not sure that this coat is necessary Kat Deely. I think the outfit would have sizzled without it.  And I don't know why Christina Ricci would wear this dress. Really, why?

Time to change the hair stylist Rhianna. Time to change. This weave shouts bargain-bucket-market-Chinese synthetic-no money/class/taste to me.

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