Monday, 20 September 2010

I am excited

Hello Peeps,

Just a little update and teaser. I have been to London and Fashion Week. I am not an official fashionista but some friends had +1's and took me along to some of the shows. I was struck how unnatural and 'try hard' people attending the shows were. Of course they were the people that photographers asked to photograph. A lot of people looked great, even if their looks seemed contrived and overly thought about. A lot of people also looked bad and contrived.

I saw so many celebs close up a personal. Jimmy Choo himself and his wife seemed humble and sweet when security made them wait (to confirm who he was) to let them backstage for the Felder + Felder fashion show. Amber Rose was front row. She looks exactly the same, but not a charismatic as I thought she would be. I saw Olivia Palermo changing out of her heels into flats in Soho. She is petite perfection, absolutely stunning close up with enormous doe eyes. Her hair, make-up and outfit (even the change of shoes) were just perfect. I bottled out of asking her if she had a stylist or she was born on top of her game.

I briefly saw Jane Shep too (she said she remembered me). I have the utmost respect for this woman. She is primarily responsible for making TopShop the respected brand it is today (believe me, she dragged it from a dark place). And she is one of the nicest people in fashion too.

My personal fashion game was confused and I suffered with the bi polar weather situation and only really brought funky sandals and beautiful silk blouses. I was complimented on my hair and I so wanted to be fabulous and cute, but after the first day... Well, let's just say I let you all myself down.. but I was warm!

Will be flying home tommorow and update fully in the week.

Love Ms A x

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