Tuesday, 28 September 2010

New York Fashion Week

Victoria Beckham's collection was well received.

 Stop One did a great plus size collection that was wearable and flattering!
Vera Wang's collection was feminine and lovely as ever.

I don't understand why the invitees wore such hideous outfits.
Nicky Hilton usually has better style. Jessica Szor is beautiful but eve she can't save this mess. The same can be said for Olivia Palermo. The fabrics look cheap and too shiny. Nothing is working.

Jessica Simpson wore Micheal Kors. They should both be ashamed. Ashamed! (you too Heidi Klum in this awful red suit).

Kelly Rowland looks a little like she is trying too hard and Kelly Osborne let her upgrade down here. I'd say the same about Madonna and her thirteen year old daughter. And even though I like how VB has put her outfit together, but she never looks natural/relaxed.
Serena Williams looks better in the nude. I am distracted by the hideous nails. Both she and Anna Wintour look a little scared of each other.

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Loved Victoria Beckham's range. She has found her calling at last!
Stop one pitched the perfect, wearable and flattering collection.

Visitng was Whitney Thompson. This is a curvy plus size. Unhealthy and not atttractive (yeah, I said it!) is Gabourey Sidebe and Nicky from hairspray. Not a good look. Lets clearly distinguish between curves and obesity.

Kelly Osborne upgraded – she's lost weight and gained a sense of style. Nicky Hilton looked better here too.
I think that JLO and Naomi are hot ladies, but they let themselves down with their lack of style. They are both stuck. JLo with the hair and make up (she seems to be growing her eyebrows) and same style that maybe passed as OK in 1992. Too much money and too many people saying yes. And I know Naomi has hair issues but this wig does not deal with it. There is something off about her look these days. But Naomi is still a hot model. She can still make it rain.
Ending with Coco. I got nothing.

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