Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Out and about.. We likey!

Black is the new black!!  This is the hottest I have seen Busy Phillips. I am loving the on trend lace detail of Kiera Knightly's dress.  Roony Mara is killing competition for the 2012 style icon crown. I love Naomi Watts golden detail on her black shift dress.

Octavia Spencer and  Bryce Howard contrast beautifully in black.  Shakira does glamour fabulously in red, I just wish she get a more natural hair colour or a blonde that suits her better.  Viola Wills has toned up or is wearing some great support this body con dress looks fabu on her.  Queen Latifah is always large and in charge. We love it.

David Beckham has swagger and a half. Love the three quarter length jacket and baker boy cap. He is so cool. I don't understand the fuss around Pippa Middleton, but I am loving this look. I so cover a lovely winter coat. I am so broke that I will have to cross my fingers until the end of the month. LA Reid and wife look a whole lot of fabulous.

Rosie O'Donnell caught a little fabulous this year. Nice job in lace and leggings! I thought these were shots of Gwen Stefani, but  no, they are Fern Cotton and pretty fine too.  I think it could be the smile, but there is something lovely about Anna Wintours winter ensemble.  And Jennifer Hudson is still looking amazing.

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