Sunday, 15 January 2012

Almost... but not quite for me

Rachel Zoe always looks like she wears clothes sizes too big. I do love Tilda Swinton's 'different' swagger. However, I am often left on the fence.  And I think Marvin Hume's outfit looked good on the catwalk, but I can't say it translates well for the 'street'. Kelly Rowland's body is amazing, I think I like the look and the wig does not offend me, but I am not convinced.

Estelle is looking well. I'll leave it there. And Ceily Tyson has so many on trend looks at once. I don't know if they all work. Whilst I love the front of this dress on Miley Cyrus, the back clicked off for me. And Again the lovely Paula Patton is fab, but is wearing a dress that is not great for her.  Kim Kardashian's trousers just look so very restrictive and uncomfortable.

Madonna usually gets it right for red carpet events. I am unconvinced here. And I usually love Rashida Jones' choices too. I am left wanting with this number. Rooney Mara chose badly. Nothing more can be said. I like the dress and I like the Mowrey sister wearing it, but I am not sure it suits her. Keira Knightly wore it and looked fabulous. It looks nice.
Rachel Crowe and this other youngster look interesting, but should leave the heels etc for while.  Michelle Williams has aged herself for the red carpet. I don't understand why. And Agyness Deyn is full of unfulfilled promise. She is far more fabulous than her clothes.

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