Sunday, 15 January 2012

Looking fiiiine

Michelle Obama and Gabriel Union look fabulous. I have not words in a good way.  I love Kelly and Sharon Osborne's choices (minus the grey rinsed hair). Willow Smith is wearing and age appropriate dress and style. And she looks quite pretty. Charlieze Theron is still killing the style stakes. 

As above for Michelle and Gabrielle. I cannot add to the already fab! And the cane adds to the finess of Brad Pitt. Just so fine and divine.

Jennifer Hudson is still working her weightloss wardrobe well.  And Lucy Lui and Gwen Stefani are in their early 40's and look fabulous. Another hot mamma is Jessica Alba. Love the coat and boots.

My husband Common scrubs up well. Parminda Nagra electrifies in electric blue (sorry for the corn!) and curves on curves Ms Jill Scott is wonderful (if the coat is fake fur).  I am loving Clare Danes dress - that is what I call a class plunge.
Michelle Trachenberge vamp is just wonderful. I love it. And VIola Wills is keeping with the tomatoe orange colour that continues to work well for her. Good old Rihanna keeping her style together. And 'different' Tilda Swinton is just special. Loving her for it. And Rooney Mara's stylist deserves a bonus.

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