Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Golden Globes 2012 - good, bad and ugly.

I wasn't blown away with the majority of the gowns. It all seemed a little homogeneous. I'll start with my faves...
I love that Tilda Swinton is so sincere with her different/elegant swagger. Beautiful. Clare Danes gown impressed me more from the back. Michelle Lea glittered in her metallic sequins.  Viola Davis is stunning in a plum Grecian one-shouldered dress. 

Will Brad Pitt ever look bad? The cane adds to his hotness. Nothing can detract! Roony Mara looks beautiful but this is now expected. And Queen Latifah and regal specialness shimmer. This is the first time that I see the siren dress, hair and make-up of Amber Riley. Stunning!

And Jullianne Margulies looks stunning. A simple shape that just flatters.  I salute Giuliana Rancic for the way she battled breast cancer. She shines all the way.  Charlize Theron is expected. Looking lovely!

All looking lovely, however, not really surprising me. Jessica Alba, Elle Mcpearson and Kate Beckinsdale.

Busy Phillips looks lovely in her fringed-one shouldered gown. Brenda Mai opts for Jessica Rabbit wow! And I love Paula Patton in this dress. It suits her frame, hurrah! I prefer Jessica Alba's after-party dress. It has more wow for me.

I am not loving Angelina Jolie's dress. She is beautiful and could wear a bin liner, but something antiseptic about it. I think Salma Hayek has an amazing figure, I wonder if her 'big' hair coupled with this dress makes her head look slightly 'oversized' for her body.  Nicole Kidman's dress is nice and she looks 'nice'. The same for one of this blog's favourites Mila Kunis. Mary J Blige would look stunning if she did not have faded out tatoos on her arm and a better wig choice.

Again, I expect more of Natlaie Portman. She usuallly stuns, but she looks 'nice'.  I like Octavia Spencer and congratulate her for her win. Heidi Klum looks a little Blah for me. From some angles, Jessica Beil's dress looks interesting. It is see-through lace. It should be exciting, but perhaps it would be in a colour or black?

As much as Idris Elba is yummy, he did not make the best choice. I am already bored with the Manolo Blahnik spikes *yawns*.  Freda Pinto is so much better than her gown. As is Michelle Williams. I see curtains. And Nicole Richie's dress looks like it was made for a lady two decades older.

I love Tina Fey. I will leave it there. Sarah Michelle Geller, why? Is Kelly Osborne is wearing an inflatable number?
David Furnish, Rachel (I-never-wear-clothes-that-fit-me) Zoe and Victoria Hervey should know better. Much better. Bar Rafeli looks like she mugged a stripper. Not a good look for me.

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