Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Out and about.. slightly confused on the fence

I love that Tilda Swinton is different, and I like the cut of her trousers and blouse, I think I am confused by the colour choice.  Roony Mara is turning into a style icon. I think this dress would work if it was a pencil skirt bottom - or a mini with  the sheer overlay, I am not fond of the toilet older 'frou' style.  If Jessica Szor tucked her shirt in, then I think it would be a sharp look.  Brandy has great legs and I like the shoes, something does not work for me with suit.

Paula Patton is beautiful and seems like a lovely lady. Her clothes look a little slightly too small. I like how Jennifer Hudson is fab, but the wigs make me weep just a little.  I think that Kerry Washington's dress would be fab if the sleeves were shorter or without the sleeves and the waist was slightly higher.  I love Helen Mirren she is better than this dress. Again, I think it is the sleeves.

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