Sunday, 15 January 2012

Jan 2012 - not there (at all for me)

Katie Price, class in a glass. Not. No matter how hard she tries, Lindsay Lohan just looks like she needs a good sleep and shower. And prayer. I don't know her name but I am mesmerised by her dress. Not in a good way. One of the Fanning sisters chose this Van Gough inspired dress. I don't have words. Her smile is sweet though.

Ashton Merrygold always seems to look overdone. The eyebrows, the shaved chest, the overlyow trousers. He likes it at least. I do love Chris Rock, but I don't really feel the goatee and the hair growth.   Jessie J has a great voice - I don't know what inspired this jumpsuit. I am not inspired. I am grateful it covers her somewhat. And Tamara Mellon demonstrates how nipple covers actually bring attention to a sheer look and how shoes can be too high (and feet end up trotter like - sorry).

Nicola Roberts keeps it consistently bad. The dress almost works. I salute Mariah for losing the baby weight from her beautiful twins. I am disappointed that she is reverting to her too tight too cheap looking ill fitting numbers. The chest area us sagging in the dress and it not flattering for her. Ashlee Green is wearing the leather lace trend. I don't like it. Elizabeth Olsen's dress is not flattering. I think it is the circle.

I loved the front of Miley Cyrus' dress. But the back was a whole other thing. And not a good thing.  Madonna has too much money and access to too many designers to end up looking like this. I love Rachel Bilson's style, but this number has not worked on any level for me.  Do you think that Kelly Osborne took her lipstick to her hairdresser and asked him to colour match? Did the fumes from the dye affect her judgement.

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