Sunday, 11 March 2012

Catch up - On the fence end of Feb- early March 2012

Not loving the fur with Olivia Palermo. Angela Simmonds and Aisha's looks are nearly there.

Hurrah! Lindsay Lohan has gotten rid of the fried, bleach blond look. Red is her natural look and it suits her. I am so unsure about pink satin. Yep that's what Sarah Jessica Parker and Viola Davis.

Although not great, I don't love Jessica White's choice, but I don't hate it either. I'll say the same about Kanye West.  Natalia, Christie and Eve look a little dull for me. Still pretty with it though.

Estelleis looking better in these. I do wish she would upgrade her stylist. Joan Small looks pregnant in this creation. Not her best looks. And the darker print around the crotch area is unfortunate with these trousers.

Liya Kebede is 'not quite' here. Still beautiful. I usually love Tiny Tempah, but I agree with the 'side eye' here. My 'sister' said that Victoria Beckham's baby looks like she weighs more than herself (OK, so I said it). And

I love Alexa Chung's hair and makeup. The dress is not any shape. It looks like fabric pined together.  Thierry Henry was a major crush for me in the past. His face is still cute, but what is up with the polyester tracksuit? Only Rihanna can get away with this look (I include the wig with roots).  And I do love David Gandy's look.. that is until I see the footwear. I don't. I can't.

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