Sunday, 11 March 2012

Catch up Post - Best Dressed Feb/early March 2012

How fine is Thandie Newton? I mean really. It is just not fair. At all.

Usual suspect on the best dressed list is another mother of two, Jessica Alba. Love it that she wears colour.  And mother of four and designer, Stella McCartney looks fab. She should, but so many designers (Pam Hogg, stand up!) and fashionistas (*coughs* Rachel Zoe) do not look that good.

Christina Ricca is fine and fine and fine. Love it.  And one of my fave broadcasters, June Sarpong is wearing it well. I am loving her hair too.

How fabulous is Gabrielle Union? She is forty and beyond fine. Julianne Moore is Fifty one and sublime.

Sienna Miller looks blooming wonderful. She could easily have Sarah Jessica Parker's ensemble in her maternity wardrobe. Looks fab either way. Mila Kunis is wearing the coat that I will make in African fabric. I will pipe the edges in leather. Love the shape.  I do love Paula Patten's style when she is on. She in on it here.

Katy Perry is my marmite in terms of style. She seems like a good fun lady, and here, I am loving her style. I can even take the blue hair. My coat is here again. Ms Fearn Cotton's daily style is great. I certainly don't make the hits as she does on a daily baisi.

Beyonce's post baby style is great. I love it that she is wearing flats when with her precious goods.  Lovely.  Her Destiny Child colleague is doing monochrome well with the leather trousers.

Ms Rihanna looks great. I can just about with the badly dyed blonde wigs when she wears fab choices. My fave look is the skirt and blouse.

Olivia Palermo is working on her fashion brand. She looks devine (when not in fur).  Alesha Dixons has done well and Tolula Adeyemi is wearing the heck out of this simple dress..

Of course Ms Zoe Saldana is on the list. Love Chanel Iman's hair, the fringe and the colour. She looks like she could gain a couple of pounds though.

Although I don't find Gwyneth Paltrow charismatic, but she makes some amazing style choices and wears them very well. And Solange Knowles has really won me over recently with her style and attitude. Love it. Octavia Spencer, actually it should be the Oscar winning Octavia Spencer! dresses so well (and for her shape).

 Ms Diane Von Furstenberg adds some sparke to her winter ensemble.  I Love the simplicity of Rashida Jones ensemble. And Melanie Chisolm (Mel C) is one cool mama these days.Vanessa Williams still has it. Fifty years old.
Heidi Klum and Serena Williams is wonderful in their siren strapless gowns. And Kelly Osborne upgrades so well.  I am waiting for her to retire her hair colour though!

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