Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Not my fave looks.

Drake and Brad wearing the jumsuit trend that I don't understand. The emperor is naked. It is not a good look, even on the delicious Brad.  And I don't like the faux preppy look Scott Disick is the poster boy.  And I repect Debbie Harry. This choice is... different.

I don't understand Estelle's choice. I do like her hair. I almost like this look on Mel B, it looks a little cheap synthetic/polyester - the hair and dress. Speaking of bad hair, someone please explain why one would chose a wig like this? Why? I cannot!!

I don't understand this choice of poo stained fur. I am still not a fan of fur and think Brandy could do much better. I know Heidi Klum can do better. And Kelly Bensimon is slim but has no waist. This is not the chice of garment that flatters. Nancy Dell Ollo claims to be just 50. This outfit is a little muttony even though she has a good figure.
Lilly Cole has not done herself any favours with this 'flammable' looking dress. And Heidi Range's dress bothers me. It almost works. And Elle is fabulous, but this outfit screams trying too hard. If Rachel Roy wore other shoes, I might have liked the look.

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