Friday, 2 March 2012

The Oscars 2012 - Good and..... not sure

For me, the best dressed by far was Gweneth Paltrow. I loved Nina Garcia's choice. Esperansa Spalding coupling her afro with her dress made me smile. She brought a little quirkiness to the red carpet. I love Mila Jovovich.

Kate Hudson always looks great. And I loved Jennifer Lopez's choices. Not often that I say that, but she sizzled. And I do think that Octavia Spencer's stylist has been doing her justice. 

These ladies are not living up to their fab. Michelle Williams is good, but she has done better. Miley Cyrus is can wear so many things and she chose something that Helen Mirren would wear. She looks good, but can push it out there. And I LOVE Sandra Bullock. I don't love her dress. I will say the same of Zoe Saldana. I don't really understand the dresses.

Kind of bland beauty for me. This is expected from P Cruz, Dita and the infamous leg pose from Angelina Jolie.
I love Gerrad Butler in a tuxedo. Sobriety is just adding to his handsome. It's a shame that Victoria Beckham does not smile more. She and husband, David would be perfection if she did. I do love Kelly Osborne  in her choice. I am still not loving the lavender hair. 

So many people loved Viola Davis dress. I love her hair, I don't know that I loved the dress or make-up. I wanted her to win. Sherrie Shepherd's faux pas with the bra on show just distracts and attracts attention to the chest area. I cannot avert my eyes. Natalie Portman has lost something. She looks like a girl on her way to her prom. And I don't love Cameron Diaz's dress. I don't think she is curvy enough.

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