Friday, 2 March 2012

The Grammys 2012 - The Good, bad and....

Rihanna looking stunning. I need to squint and ignore the roots on the wig. Likewise with Kelly Osborne. Love the look - minus the lavender rinse hair colour. Alicia Keys is rocking a fifties glamour kick. I don't know what to say about the purple velvet. I just don't. Common is still my mmmmm. And Mrs Rancic is so cute.

Corrine Bailey Rae is too cute. There may be slightly too many ruffles on her dress, but I still like the overall effect. And Kelly Rowland knows that long gowns skim her figure where they are supposed to. All good. And the Destiny stepchild Michelle Williams is reaping the benefits of a new stylist.

I do love Jennifer Hudson's array of wigs and gowns. She wears them all so well. And so does Adele with the lashes and fifties silhouette dresses. Always fab is Ms Ross and I do like the low cut jumpsuit with Janelle Monae, bit I wish she would show some shoulder or arms.. I am sure they are lovely and toned..

Not Loveing Kim Kardashian's dress choice here. I think that it is a couple of sizes too small. I am so over the smurf blue hair. I am not really enjoying the dress either. I think it is too old for Katy Perry. And this dress makes Taj look like she has no waist. Britney is looking lifeless behind the eyes. Bless her for staying straight.

I have no words for Mark Ronson, Robyn or Fergie. NONE. I refuse.

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